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  • STEP 1: Enter Your Email
  • STEP 2: Fill Out Athlete Form
  • STEP 3: Check Your Email For Access To Your Exclusive Athlete Platform 
What’s In It For You?

  •   Test New Products: Be The First to test new products & releases
  •  Giveaways: Be a part of massive giveaways to your fans & followers
  •  Get Featured: Get featured on Media Packets, Advertising Campaigns & on social pages 
  •  Learn to Market: Learn how to market like Bear Grips from Bear Grips Marketing Guru.
  •  Contribute To The Brand: Coaching, nutrition, modeling, blogging, lifestyle, & more
  •  Community: Be a part of our growing community
  •  Get Paid: Earn Commissions, 24/7 access
  •  Grow: Grow with the brand, Grow your team 
  •  Exclusive Discount Codes: You Own Exclusive Discount codes & links

How it Works

  • Athlete toolbox: You are given an Athlete toolbox with everything you will need! 
  •  Post: Post your content as you would on social platforms & add your athlete Links
  •  Clicks & Transactions: Clicks and transaction are automatically tracked, any sales results in direct commissions to you!
  •  Get Featured: Get featured by posting and contributing content
  •  Exclusive Perks: All the while you will be getting exclusive perks only for Bear Grips Athletes
  •  Learn & Interact: Learn and interact with Bear Grips community.
How are commission assessed?
Pay-Per-Sale, starting at 10% for each sale you deliver. Earn more as you go!
When do I get paid? The First week of every month, exact day may vary. 
How do I get Paid?
Via PayPal, you enter your PayPal address on sign up, 
PayPal is free to make if you don’t have an account, you can make one at 
How often do I get paid?
Payments are made once per month, for the previous month via PayPal direct
When Can I see If I have any sales or traffic to my links?
Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance 
and see how your campaigns are performing.

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